He was present at the nuptials of his grandson Patrick Hunter with Marion Cunninghame  on 15th August 1662 signed the marriage contract and lived to see their children He  died about 1665 aged 74 as appears by two epitaphs one in Latin and the other in  English which are still preserved The former is of considerable literary merit and  contains a clever play on the name Venator or Hunter the latter is quaint and curious  but is too long to allow of aught but a few statistical extracts The poet laments  that:-

"Loe heir a cedare lys that seventie four years stood By Neptune's strande spreading  his blossoms fair Feiding and sheltering Hunters in the Wood Bravely out darringe the  cold winter's air "

Then apostrophising "subtile Tyme", who in "Scaventio four years"

"Hath chased to death this worthie man"

he tells him trinmphantly,

"Tea in dispyt your long continued chAse, He saw his children's children's children's  face"

But he adds mournfully,

"But can we cease to sighe when we doe mynd How thou repaired our Huntar's ancient  townc How Judgement Witt and Righteousness combined To make thy grate old age a  glorious Crowne"

Patrick Hunter left issue:-

1 Robert entered Glasgow College on 27th July 1627 who succeeded

2 Henry a minister of tho Church of Scotland He was Laurcated in the University of  Glasgow in 1650 entered the ministry and settled at Dromore in Ireland He was ejected  by Jeremy Taylor Bishop of Down in 1661 along with sixty co presbyters for non  conformity He visited Scotland occasionally during the persecutions which followed  but kept up a connection with his flock at Dromore to whom ho was ultimately restored  in 1670 and he died amongst them unmarried in November 1678 He was an accomplished  scholar and was doubtless the author of the Latin epitaph above alluded to

3 Francis from whom it is supposed that tho Hunters of Long Calderwood were descended  and of which family was the eminent physician Dr Wm Hunter who was the son of John  Hunter of Long Calderwood by Agnes Paul his wifo daughter of Mr Paul sometime  Treasurer of Glasgow who was born 23d May 1718 at Easter Kilbride in Lanarkshire Ho  died at London 80th March 1783 and he bequeathed his valuable museum to the  University of Glasgow at which College he had been educated His brother the  celebrated John Hunter who will ever hold a foremost place in the history of science  as a surgeon an anatomist and a philosophor was born on the 13th February 1728 Ho  married Anne Home daughter of Mr Home Burgeon of Burgoyne's Regiment of Light Horse a  sister of Sir Everard Home and tho authoress of the words of all the canzonets of  Haydn He died at London where he had long practised with unrivalled reputation 16th  October 1793 Their sister Dorothy married to Dr James Baillie professor of divinity  in the University of Glasgow was mother of Dr Baillic physician to the King and of  Joanna Baillie the authoress of several works of great merit .

The great grandson of Archibald younger brother of John Hunter of Long Calderwood is  William Hunter MD of WooJ bank Largs late of the Coldstream Guards who was gazetted  to the regiment on the 10th February 1814 and retired after haviug been surgeon major  for the last seven years on the 2d September 1845 He served with that distinguished  corps in the Peninsula and was present at the sortie by the French from the citadel  of Bayonne where the Coldstreams lost 8 officers and nearly 200 men in killed and  wounded He was present at the battleB of Quatre Bras and Waterloo at the capture of  Paris and remained in France with the army of occupation until Nov 1818 when the  regiment returned to England He married Helen daughter of the Rev David Wilkie and  sister of the celebrated David Wilkie RA .

Patrick Hunter of Hunterston had likewise by his wife Jean Cuninghame two daughters

1 married about 1640 to Alexander Cuninghame of Carlung a cadet of the Glencairn  family

2 Jean married about 1653 to David Kennedy of Balmaclana chan and Craig He was  succeeded by his eldest son Robert Hunter of Hunterston or of that Ilk who is  designed younger of Hunterston in the Roole of the Remonstrators 1650 as well as in a  charter dated 19th November 1658 by Richard Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of  England in favour of himself and of the heirs of his marriage with his late wife  Elizabeth daughter of Patrick Craufurd of Auchinames by his cousin and wife Jean  Crawfurd of Cors bie in the lands of Hunterston.

He married secondly Marion eldest daughter of James Cuninghame of Aiket a descendant  of the house of Glencairn by Euphan daughter of the Rev William Russell minister of  Kilbride as appears by a precept of sasine following the above charter of the 7th  December 1658 He with Marion Cuninghame was infeft as heir of his father in Hielies  in 1669 and his last deed is dated in June 1674 By his second marriage he had no  issue by his first he had four sons and one daughter

1 Patrick his heir

2 Robert Huntor AM (1643) of Glasgow University, minister of Kilbride ancestor of the  Hunters of Kirkland.

3 James bred to the bar who married Margaret Spalding the Rev John Spalding minister  at Urcghorn by whom had General Robert Hunter who died Governor of 1734 He married  Lady Mary Dalziel only child of fourth Earl of Carnwarth and widow of John Lord  colonel of the Scots Greys second son of John second Tweeddalc His descendants are  the Orby Hunters of land Abbey Lincolnshire

4 Hugh who was a physician in Kilmarnock

1 Jean who married Rev John Spalding minister of Deghorn.

He died in December 1679 and was succeeded by his eldest son 

Patrick Hunter of Hunterston or of that Ilk whose retour is dated 19th January 1680  and who married Marion daughter of John Cuninghame of Langmuir (whose son Alexander  is styled of Kerrie Lament in the Isle of Bute) by Dorothea Cuninghame, his wife  during the lifetime of his father and of his grandfather in 1662. By this marriage he  acquired the lands of Langmuir. His title to his estate was ratified by King William  III and the estates of Parliament on the 27th June 1698 "in consideration of good and  faithful services done and performed to his Majesty and his royal progenitors". He  died towards the end of 1699 leaving the following issue

1 Patrick who succeeded

Henry who was ordained minister of Mcarns in 1713 and died in 1733

3 John

1 Dorothea married to Henry Cuninghame of Carlung and had a numerous issue

2 Marian married in 1604 to John Peebles of Crawfield without issue

3 Anna married in 1702 to Alexander Cuninghame of Cloghe, county Tyrone

4 Margaret

He wAs succeeded by his eldest son Patrick Hunter of Hunterston or of that Ilk who  having at a meeting of gentlemen at Largs on the 1st July 1689 acknowledged a leaning  towards King James VII would have been treated as a rebel but for the timely  interference of Crawfurd of Kilbirny, who broke his sword and privately wrote to his  father the Laird of Hunterston as follows :-

Keisoland 2d July 1680
The kindness I have for you and your family forced me to inform you with very  much trouble, that your son had the misfortune yesterday to own King James's interest  and to quarrel with the gentlemen who were witnesses to it who urge rae mightily to  acquaint the publick with it, which I must do for my own safety if you get it not  prevented being engaged in the service of the jurisdictione and therefore my best  advice to you is that you would come to the Largs about four o clock in the afternoon  and to try if you can prevail with the gentlemen that your son be not represented in  which I will do your son all the kindness I can as I did yesterday though I was  forced to break his sword to prevent his greater danger. Let none know that  I have  given you this advertisement
I am, Sir,
Your humble servt,

He married Marion eldest daughter of Thomas Crawfurd of Crawfurdsburn or Cartsburn on  the 5th May 1704. Hospitable and extravagant it was not until he had alienated a  considerable portion of the estates of the family that he was induced by Lord Glasgow  to execute a conveyance of his rents of Hunterston to his eldest son Patrick out of  the sincere regard he had for the preservation of his family with power to him to  uplift and employ the samen for the best uses of mentaining and preservation of the  memory of the family, reserving to himself to be mentained in the house of  Hunterstoun in bed board and washing as the circumstances will allow.

This curious document is written by David Earl ef Glasgow and subseribed at Kelburn  House on the 3d January 1729. He died on 9th November 1738 having had issue by Marion  Crawfurd his wife five sons and five daughters.
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