1 Patrick who predeceased his father in 1732 unmarried

2 Robert who succeeded

3 Thomas

4 Henry

5 David who married Miss Milliken of Port Glasgow by whom he had Patrick Hunter  merchant in London from whom is descended Captain Charles Fleming Hunter 72d  Highlanders Captain Hunter servod in the Crimea from June 1855 including the  expedition to Kerteh siege and fall of Scbastopol and attack of the 18th Jnne Served  through the operations in Central India and pursuit of the rebel forces under Tantiu  Topee and Rao Sahib in 1858-69.

1 Rebecca who died unmarried

2 Elizabeth married to John Hyndman of Lunderston

3 Marion married to Hugh Muir

4 Dorothea married firstly to William Kelso of Hullerhirst and secondly to Hugh Weir  of Kirkhall

5 Margaret married to Robert Caldwell descended from n family which settled in the  neighbourhood of Larne county Antrim during the religious persecutions which raged in  Scotland towards the close of the seventeenth century By her ho had in 1763 a son  Robert of whom presently.

The Laird of Hunterston was succeeded by his eldest surviving son Robert Hunter of  Hunterston or of that Ilk who married in 1762 Janet daughter of Matthew Aiteheson by  Eleonora daughter of John M Gilehrist of Easter Porsill Mrs Hunter died in 1787 but  her husband survived her some years dying in 1796 at the patriarchal age of 86. He is  thus deseribed by Mr John Fullarton of Overtoun West Kilbride in a recent interesting  work from his prolific pen :-

"Mr Hunter succeeded to the estate in a deeply encumbered condition at a period too  perhaps the most depressed and embarrassed which has ever occurred in Scottish  affairs but long ere the close of his life by singular prudence and economy he was  enabled not only to clear off all encumbrances but likewise to leave his successors  in comparative wealth and independence and thus he might well be viewed as a second  founder of his ancient family.
The writer of this brief and imperfect notice though  having been but once and that at a very early period of life in the company of this  venerable and worthy man yet the impression of his appearance and manner has hardly  in any degree yet faded from memory..... lie was quite a tall man yet still pretty erect  in gait and movements Scott's vivid delineation of the Baron of Bradwardine would  have been quite applicable to Hunterston at a similar period of life as doubtless  there were other and more important points of agreeance between the individuals.  Throughout life Mr Hunter had certainly been of a spare and active habit of body His  visage was long the forehead being high and narrow with singularly hollow temples. His  hair was of a sandy fair colour still pretty full and perfectly free from greyness In  every feeling and habit of mind the Laird of Hunterston appears to have been a true  Scottish baron of the genuine age of baronage.
The as it were hereditary tenants of  his property he would in no wise displace from their original possessions frequently  remarking that most of them if not all had held their occupancies from as early a  period as he did himself In politics as in all else the baron of Hunterston was  unalterably Conservative or perhaps more properly Whiggo Conscrvative in the true and  legitimate sense of the term and of course his sympathy and affection were altogether  sincerely and honestly in favour of the unfortunate family of Stuart But he was far  too sensible and prudent a man for a moment to conceive it possible that their ideas  of religion and government could ever again be tolerated in this country. This  venerable and worthy man the last of his class of Scottish society in this locality a  class perhaps now wholly extinct died as before stated in the spring of 1776".

having had issue by Janet Aiteheson his wife

1 Thomas Orhy - Died young

2 Patrick John - Died young

1 Kleonora born 22d October 1764 who succeeded

2 Marion

3 Elizabeth

Elermora Hunter heiress of Hunterston was served as heiress in general to her father  on 28th April 1796 and in the May following married her cousin Robert Caldwell above  named who assumed the name of Hunter in addition to his own He built the present  mansion house of Hunterston and greatly improved the estate, He died on the 22d  August 1826 and his wife on 24th December 1851. Their family consisted of:-

1 Robert who succeeded

2 Patrick died in 1826

3 Norman died in 1836

1 Eleonara died in 1833

2 Marion Oawfurd died in 1830

3 Margaret

4 Janet

Robert Hunter of Hunterston or of that Ilk the present proprietor of Hunterston and  the representative of that ancient house is a Justice of the Peace and a Deputy  Lieutenant of the county of Ayr He married on the 23d day of November 1836 Christian  Macknight eldest daughter of William Macknight Craufurd of Cartsburn cadet of Jordan  hill and descended from the distinguished family of KilbirNie by Jane second daughter  of John Crawford of Broadfield county of Renfrew by whom he has Issue:-

1 Jane married 8th July 1863 to Lieut Colonel Gould Weston of a family of that name  settled for several generations in Dorsetshire (Lane House now in the possession of W  H P Weston of Wolverton having been acquired by Henry Weston the great great great  grandfather of Lieut Colonel Weston in 1699), but whose ancestors were seated at  Woston subter Luz ers county of Stafford in the reign of Henry II. The issue of this  marriage is:-

Aylmer Gould born 23d September 1804

2 Eleonora

Biography of Lt Colonel Weston

Lieut Colonel Weston after completing his education at the Military College of  Addiscombe entered the Indian in 1840 and for the greater portion of his service was  attached to the staff of the Bengal Presidency. He was for some years on diplomatic  employ at the court of Oude under Sir William Sleeman and Sir James Outram and from  1849, to the mutiny of the native army in 1857 was in sole charge of the operations  for the extirpation of the atrocious bands of Thugs, professional stranglers, and  poisoners, and Decoits, gang robbers which infested that kingdom. He repeatedly received  the thanks of his official superiors for the success which attended his exertions and  Sir William Sleeman in his report on the state of erime in Oude records that there  were not one tenth of the noted freebooters at large and at work in Oude that existed  when Captain Weston first took charge of his office in 1849 and that this diminution  was mainly owing to the ability and energy displayed by him.

He was in political charge and vested with special powers at the capture of the  Durriabad forts in Oude in March and April 1850 for which he received the thanks of  Government and was appointed an assistant to the Resident at Lucknow and his services  in the diplomatic department gained amongst other abundant testimony most flattering  acknowledgment in Sir William Sleeman's despate to the Govern or General of India  Lord Dalhousie and in the special report made by the Resident at the court of Oude to  the Governor General dated 11th September 1854.

In 1854 Captain Weston rejoined his  regiment under orders for service in Pegu and was employed for some months on  detached command on the extreme northern frontier of that province to the eastward of  the Irrawaddy which had been devastated and was overrun by predatory bands of Burmese  whose incursions aeross the border were incessant .The sickness and mortality amongst  the men and horses of Captain Weston's detachment of infantry and irregular cavalry  exposed to constant duty amidst the pestilential exhalations of these forests and  jungles during the wholo of the rainy season was unusually severe and but few lived  to leave Pegu eventually on the relief of the regiment .

Towards the close of that year  however Captain Weston was recalled to India to resumo his duties on the Political  Staff and in that capacity was present at the memorable interview between the last  King of Oude and the British Resident so graphically deseribed by Kaye when on the  4th February 1856 Outram announced to Wajid Ullee Shah that his kingdom had passed  from him.

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