On the annexation of Oude in 1856 he was appointed to the organization and  command of the Military Police a force armed and modeled on the system of the Irish  Constabulary and consisting of 1000 Cavalry and three regiments of Infantry under the  command of European officers and which performed good service in the newly acquired  province until the commencement of the Indian mutiny. We learn from Captain  Hutehinson's narrative that at the outbreak of the insurrection in 1857 Captain  Weston was detached by Sir Henry Lawrence to Mullebad for the purpose of restoring  confidence and order to that district then in open armed revolt.

His escort consisted  of one company of that 7th Regiment so lately in mutiny at Moosa Bagh and some  Mounted Police and Captain Hutehinson
adds that nothing but the bold determined  firmness of Captain Weston overawed the 3000 fanatic wretehes who surrounded him  Captain Weston's Daring Act on the occasion of the mutiny of the Military Police is  recorded at length by Rees in his vivid history of the siege of Lucknow and its  details afford abundant proof of the respect and affection with which this officer  inspired his men even at a time when they showed themselves ingrates and rebels and  were in the act of throwing off the authority which they had hitherto acknowledged.

Prior to the commencement of the siege of the Lucknow Residency Captain Weston was  appointed by Sir Henry Lawrence to the command of an outpost which he held without a  day's intermission from the 30th June to the evacuation of the garrison on 22d  November 1857. The fire to which the British force was exposed may be estimated from  the fact that the strength of this outpost was kept up to forty five of all ranks  vacancies being supplied from the reserve and that its total loss during the siege  amounted to fifteen killed and thirty wounded that is by a remarkable coincidence  tantamount to the original strength of the outpost.

On the evacuation of the Residency of Lucknow Captain Weston volunteered and was one  of the few officers of the Old Garrison who remained at Alum Bagh He was appointed to  the Staff of Major General Sir James Outram in command of the force before Lucknow  and was made Chief of the Intelligence Department. He was present at the whole of the  engagements at Alum Bagh where for many weeks Outram with his little force kept at  bay the vast army of mutineers and rebels assembled at and around the capital and he  was engaged throughout the subsequent operations on the final advance of the army  under the Commander in Chief loading to the capture of Lucknow on the 16th March 1858.

His name having been inadvertently omitted in the celebrated despateh of Sir John  Inglis of the 26th September 1857 the erratum was brought by Sir John Inglis to the  notice of Government and was rectified in General Orders No 1546 of 1858 and in the  Roll of Officers deemed deserving of honourable mention which was attached to Sir  James Outram's despateh to the Commander in Chief relative to the capture of Lucknow  the Major General records that Captain Weston displayed much spirit and gallantry  on several occasions and his services were of much use to me The subjoined letter was  addressed to Captain Weston by the Bayard of the Indian Army on his giving up the  command of his Division on the re occupation of Lucknow and is dated

2nd April 1858
My Dear Weston,
I cannot leave without writing a few lines to tell you how grateful I  am to you for the zealous able ami valuable services you have rendered me both at  Alum Bagh and since the re occupation of the city as well as during our lato military  operations I sincerely trust that you will continue to enjoy many opportunities of  distinction and I feel assured that opportunity is all you require God bless you my  dear Weston
Yours very sincerely
Signed J Outbam To Captain Weston ete etc etc

He received his Brevet majority for the Defence of Luck now and has a medal and two  clasps
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